My office is unpleasant

I was recently trapped inside the waiting room of my dentist’s office for over an hour. It was the middle of July along and the outside temperature was ninety-two degrees, with high humidity. Because of the intense heat, I was wearing shorts, a tank top and sandals. It did not occur to me to wear a winter coat and bundle up in a hat and mittens. Because I dressed for any weather outside, I nearly froze to death. When I first stepped inside the dentist’s office, the air conditioning definitely felt refreshing. I signed in and sat down in an exceedingly uncomfortable plastic chair, with cold air from an HVAC vent blowing right at me. I immediately began to shiver. I switched seats four separate times, attempting to escape the blast of air conditioning. There was nowhere inside that waiting room that was not within the direct line of the wicked cold air. I noticed that all the people working at the dentist’s office were dressed up in long pants and long sleeves. I can’t imagine why a thermostat was set so dreadfully low. I’m sure it cost a fortune to maintain such an extremely cold temperature, especially with the exterior doorstep continually opening. By the time I was called for my appointment, I was angry. I already hate going to the dentist and resent the high costs of a simple teeth cleaning. At the very least, the dentist should make sure that his patients are comfortable, rather than leave them shivering in his waiting room for over one hour.

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Lighting and security

When my husband Robert and I decided to build our own home from the floor up, we weren’t really prepared for every one of the many decisions and challenges. We are both extremely handy and knew that him and I could manage the construction on our own. We realized that we would need to bring in professionals to complete the plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems. Nonetheless, trying to coordinate the design and implementation of the systems was difficult. The placing of the pipes and drains, ductwork and electrical outlets was crucial. The plumbing, wiring, heating and cooling all impact the other, and yet we were trying to do work with three separate contractors. First, our plumber went on vacation and could not be reached. Then, the electrician was associated with another project and caused us an essential delay. The HVAC contractor had been fantastic, right from the start, and was willing to get the job done around our schedule. He provided a customized design for the duct system, recommended the style of HVAC equipment, and actually fabricated the ductwork in an in-house sheet metal shop. When the electrician and plumber became a problem, we discovered our HVAC contractor was qualified to handle both the pipes and wiring. This simplified everything, because we no longer needed to mediate between three different companies. With one company overseeing the full project, everything proceeded much more rapidly and smoothly. It was a relief to finally enjoy the septic, wiring, duct system, pipes, furnace and air conditioner. Robert and I were anxious to up close the walls and tackle finishing touches so that we could schedule a date to transfer move in.

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Maintaining the perfect temperature

I live in the south, where the weather is typically very warm. The spring and summer are very long and it is so hot and humid there is no way to get by without an effective cooling system. I typically rely on the air conditioner for about eight to nine months a year. The installation of a heating system is not necessary and an expense that I was always happy to avoid. When I built a new home, I did some research on the various types and options for cooling systems. I also consulted my local HVAC contractor, who recommended that I invest in an electric heat pump. Since a heat pump is very expensive, I figured he was just hoping to make extra money off of me. However, once I learned more about the use of a heat pump, I was sold. A heat pump is normally more energy efficient than a regular cooling system but operates very similarly. The equipment simply moves heat in location to another, creating your cooling effect. During the colder months, the heat pump reverses operation, finds warmth in the outdoor air, and pumps it inside the home. I now enjoy having the ability to heat my home when the outer temperature cools down. Because that system is wonderfully efficient, it is not too expensive to maintain perfect temperature, and I am able to switch between heating and cooling with the touch of a button. The heat pump requires not much maintenance, operates quietly, and is useful at dehumidifying the home. Even though it costs more to purchase and install heat pump, it was definitely a worthwhile investment.

Things just keep getting bad

You heard it right, “snowmageddon” is a thing and it happened to my family and I last winter. It was a very cold, yet silent morning when a gigantic and persistent snow fall dawned in the midwest. This had to be the only time in many years that I had been living here, that I really wished to live somewhere else! Every midwesterner knows that winters here are nothing to be taken lightly, so that’s why it’s important to have an efficient heating system at your home. The day before, there was a snowfall of four inches, that was certainly enough to strand motorcyclists and public transportation. The next moment, the snow had wreaked disorder on our town, and in a very unforgiving way so I ensured to keep our heating equipment operating until it blew over. Families including my own, were snowed inside their homes without any way to be released. While my wife sat inside frightened, I was just aggravated. “What in my past life did I really do to deserve this?” was all I could think about the entire period. Luckily, our heating system kept all of us warm through the storm. While we all watched the snow continuously fall outside of our windows, the hot air that circulated made me imagine being at the beach at a tropical location with a sangria in hand. It’s no question that we are considering moving my family to a new location, because things have truly gotten out of hand and things sure would have been awful if we didn’t have heating.

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We are going to retire

I believe, warmer weather is the only good reason to move when retiring. My parents literally only have one year left, and they have been actively planning every one their locations they desire to live. It’s admirable how long they’ve been together after almost 30 great years! Some folks remain happy where they live once they retire, but my parents truly want something different. Currently, they are staying in a small town in a location where the winter weather can be extreme. I think the older they can get, the more important it is to pay close attention to their health as in many circumstances, the season can be really dangerous. They often experience winter storms and there seemed to be even one time where the roads were so bad, that the entire town was closed for the day, so having a HVAC was essential. It’s really unfortunate that their heating system isn’t the very best. For a long time, I’ve begged them to move, and what better time than when it is finally time for them to retire. Now, we can all get what we want. I have been doing some investigating online and found a few places in the south which can be quiet and without the noisy city clutter. I have researched HVAC systems should their place not already be equipped with heating and cooling. I really hope that they will be able to manage their heating and cooling system when they move, because if not, I might have to consider moving additionally. That would be a huge life transition certainly!

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My book club

I have been involved in a book club for four years now and I absolutely like it so much! Some book clubs have motifs, but as for ours, we always take a spin on whatever suggestion an affiliate throws out there! I am a member of five in a group and the different women are very supportive of each other. We are an extremely small group— a journalist, fifth grade school teacher, dermatologist, in addition to a writer, but it’s exactly everything that I had hoped for. Once a month, we meet at local coffee shops, conference rooms, or occasionally a book club member’s home. I really love being at someone’s warm place with the toasty heating system operating or my own place nibbling on cheese and drinking a great glass of wine during our conversation. I gain a great deal of insight in our meetings together where I usually feel really comfortable, but yesterday was mind boggling as it felt that the cooling system was on full blast! We had met at a coffee shop near one of our member’s homes and boy, has it been frosty inside! During the whole meeting, I was rubbing my hands and blowing my toasty breath into them. It had seemed that everybody was fine without feeling any heat and came prepared, as some individuals were wearing a light jacket, which made no sense to me, as it was hot for the reason like lava outside! I really feel that perhaps, the heating system within the place had broken down. I am planning our next meeting spot, and I’m going to be the one to choose this time.

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Ice cream parlors

My wife and I were ready to celebrate our first anniversary after our wedding. We had found out prior to this that our friends were going to throw us a huge get together. While that was nice, we really just wanted to celebrate with just us. So we planned to have a date by ourselves about a week before the big party. We had the whole thing planned out! We went to the restaurant my wife chose, and took our seats. We immediately realized that the air conditioner was not even working. I called over the head waiter to see what the problem was. He told me that this air conditioner had died out about an hour before we showed up. He apologized profusely, and said our meal would be on the house. Although that had been a nice gesture, it was too hot in there without an air conditioner. My wife and I went to a different place that had an operational air conditioner. We drove around for at least an hour in our air conditioned car, but we couldn’t find anyplace that had seating available. We eventually settled for a fast food place. We could tell after we walked inside that their air conditioner was on really high! We didn’t mind it at all. The HVAC system was some sort of welcoming invitation to us. It just happened to be the fast food place that we had our first date. What a coincidence it was! We ended up with perfect romance and a working air conditioner!

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We had a fun poker night

My friends and I were major card players. We tried to gather at least one time a month for a major poker game. It was a lot of fun, and it enabled us to catch up with each other. Life had become so busy since most people became “adults,” and it felt fantastic to just hang out once in awhile and act like kids once again. We tried to gather on Fridays as often as we could. I just recently upgraded my HVAC system, so we were sure to experience a cool night next time we met up. Last time was a failure! My air conditioner had broken that week before, so my house was like a furnace! Me and my friends were sweating profusely all night without air conditioning comfort. I called an HVAC technician to inspect my air conditioner. There was clearly a major issue with the compressor, but it was nothing that the HVAC technician couldn’t take care of. He could quickly repair it, and he even gave me some energy saving tips during this process! This was great because it prepared me for the upcoming game night, which was scheduled to happen this coming Friday. I was definitely ready for this occasion! My HVAC technician made sure my air conditioner would not fail this time. Friday night rolled around, my friends arrived on the scene, and my air conditioner kept us cool all night. The game night was a hit! My air conditioner actually worked better than it has in the past! My HVAC technician was excellent and was a great help.

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I love this temperature control

I was in the way of completely renovating my over-all home. I was planning on painting the inside and exterior a nice off white color. I figured that would go with pretty much any sort of design I decided on. I also had to upgrade my plumbing and electrical power. One of the most important tasks I wanted to handle, was to install a nice old fashioned fireplace inside of my living room. I had an unusually expensive HVAC system, complete with smart thermostat and zone regulated heating and cooling system elements, but I thought a fireplace would really add to the ambience of my home. One day last week I decided on my local stone quarry to hunt down the ideal type of stones. I wanted my fireplace to be so fancy that it may be featured in design magazines! I soon found the ideal stone and called up the local HVAC technician. This guy had been amazing! I was referred to him by a very close friend who recently had his own fireplace installed. My HVAC technician was an innovative genius! It didn’t take him long to show up at the stone quarry. The HVAC technician looked over the stones I had picked, and a huge smile crept up on his face. The HVAC technician said it would turn out to be the best fireplace he truly designed! I couldn’t wait to work out the results! His crew members helped him load the stones in the truck, and off we went to finish the measurements for this fireplace. This was going to be the best!

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We are waiting for the veterinarian

I had to bring my two kittens to the vet just last week. That was always quite the experience, to say the least. You never knew what to expect on some of those trips. One time there was a person in the waiting room who actually had a pet duck! Those trips were always slightly rough for me. I hated to see my kittens in a state of panic as they simply sat in their cat carrier on the drive to the clinic. When we got to the office last week, my kittens were especially feisty. I think this revolved around the fact that the HVAC system in the vet’s office was going haywire. I had noticed last time we were here that the air conditioner was straining to operate properly. You could tell by the sound the air conditioner would make. I could easily tell, because I had been an HVAC technician. My ears were trained to pick up on things like that regarding HVAC systems. Anyway, this time the air conditioner wasn’t working at all. I decided to be proactive. I went up to the front desk, and told them I had been an HVAC technician. I offered to look into the air conditioner while I waited for the vet to be done investigating my kittens. The clerk happily agreed, and led me over to the air conditioner. I was able to determine the problem with ease. After I was finished, the clerk switched on the air conditioner with their thermostat. The air conditioner was working fine after only minutes! My kittens were soon right out of the examination room, and I had done my good deed for this day!

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