I know I made a good choice

I am very pleased with my job. I work reasonable amount of time, get paid really well, and have a fantastic benefits package. I enjoy being around my coworkers, and am counted lucky to have my own office, which includes a fantastic view, comfortable chair, and a private bathroom. My only complaint is the temperature of the building. Although there’s a thermostat located in my office, I do not have access to change the settings. The temperature in the building is monitored and adjusted from a remote location. No one inside the building has access to the heating or cooling settings. The building is normally far too cold, especially through the summer months. Although the temperature outside is hot and moist, I spend the day bundled up in heavy sweaters, shivering. I wish that I could open the windows and let in some fresh, warm air. Every lunch hour, I often go for walks outside to warm up. It feels wonderful to be in the heat, soaking up the warm sunshine. However, I hate stepping back inside my freezing cold building with that air conditioner blasting at maximum speeds. I’ve tried moving my table to different locations, trying to escape the the overhead HVAC vents, but it doesn’t matter where my chair is. There isn’t an escape. I look forward to every fall season, because I usually enjoy a day or two before the heating system kicks on. At that point, I swap from shivering to sweating. In the middle of January, when it’s snowing outside the house, I strip down to summer attire at work.

My dehumidifier is working great

A couple months ago, I had a huge problem with excess humidity at my house. Every room felt damp and sticky. It was extremely hard to sleep at night, and the air conditioner seemed to be running all the time. I kept lowering the thermostat a few degrees every time, and even though it was eventually freezing cold, I couldn’t eliminate the moisture in the air. My electric bills were ungodly high and I was worried the cooling system was becoming worn out fast. I noticed condensation running down the windows and mold growing over the sills. Nearly every week, I had to wash down the bathroom with bleach to get rid of the mildew. I tried a portable dehumidifier, but it couldn’t satisfy the demand placed on it and I was consistently dumping out water. I finally talked to a local HVAC contractor about affixing a whole-home dehumidifier. I imagined that it would cost me a fortune, and that the dehumidifier would make all kinds of noise and require lots of maintenance. I was pleasantly surprised that this dehumidifier was quite reasonable, and installed within the air handler of the existing HVAC system. I see the dehumidifier or hear it run, and I rarely need to provide any maintenance to keep it running optimally. It allows me to customize the moisture levels inside, and maintains relative humidity inside an ideal range. I no longer worry about mold or mildew, and I have been able to raise the setting to the thermostat. The savings I’ve noticed on my month-to-month electric bills have definitely recovered the money necessary for the dehumidifier. By reducing the workload on the air conditioner, I am hoping it will last longer.

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I’m really happy

I always wanted a hot tub in my home, so when the opportunity arose we’d one installed out in this sunroom. We made sure to install flooring that was waterproof and even got in a separate shower for visitors to rinse off before and after the hot tub. This was truly most effective relax at the end on the long day or just to take time with my girlfriends sipping wine and laughing for hours. About a year after it was installed, I began to notice some difficulty with my curtains and with the paint to the walls. It appeared that the constant humidity of the hot tub was causing a concern and mold was starting growing in spots. We did have fans in the room to circulate the air but that wasn’t enough to fix the matter so I contacted the heating and cooling dealer to see about putting in some form of air conditioning or dehumidifier in that space. During the summer time we may simply leave the windows open knowing that gave us enough ventilation but as we use the hot tub mainly inside the winter time there was no way to achieve that. The dealer stopped by together and showed us the various options available. It made the most sense was to install a ductless system which has a dehumidifier. It would be completely separate from our other HVAC system and only maintain that room which was fine around. Now I can enjoy my hot tub as much as I want without worrying if it’s damaging our home.

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What a gorgeous place to live

I had my first house all by myself and I was very proud to be able to afford it. I was only in my early twenties at the time and most of my friends could barely afford to pay rent. I had worked very hard all the way through high school to put profit savings and it had paid back. Now, some 15 years later, I am getting ready to distribute that same house and I have to be sure that everything is ready before I use it the market. I had many things checked like, the roof, windows, foundation, things like this, but when it came to help you my heating and cooling system I ran into a problem. I never really put a lot of thought into my heating together with air conditioning unit and had never have annual inspections done for the past several years. I guess my life was busy and I felt that providing when I had turned it on and it worked, without any issue. I called my local heating and cooling company to have them send out a technician to seem it over assuming that everything would be just fine. After a thorough inspection, he came up to me with terrible news and I knew it was going to cost me big money. The system was only working at about 60% efficiency and needed some serious attention and the ductwork really needed to be washed. Even with everything that they made it possible to do it would only better it’s in efficiency by approximately 15 to 20% and I would need to disclose that on my company’s agreement. Armed with this information, I spoke with my realtor and decided whether I would sell the house at the fewer price to compensate for my heating and cooling system or replace the application. Either way it will charge me money.

Climate control info

In my life, I’ve never been much of a logician and I know that this is probably my biggest shortcoming. In the spur in the moment, my decision making skills are not there. If I am given time to solve a problem though, I can usually find a good solution for it. It just takes time and that’s not always something one offers. In any case, I have noticed a few things that seem to erase my clumsy reasoning. For one, if I get a good night’s sleep, it’s usually easier for me to get over life and the things it throws at me. I feel like that is true for most people though. Another very helpful thing is actually air conditioning. Whether I am at home or to the shops, making sense of things can be easier with climate control. When it gets super hot and really humid outdoors, my whole being merely shuts down. I recall the HVAC system at my parents’ house when I ended up being growing up, was not the most effective. The air conditioner would usually stops working and I will have to just sit and sweat. Maybe the void of climate control then, caused this impaired reasoning. Whatever the result in, I know that when a very good A/C unit is operating smoothly, each of the gears in my brain are turning. So, I try to pay my days in places by using heating and cooling systems. Malls and restaurants are great and routinely have some really fantastic air conditioning. On the plus side I work in I. Longer. so I really don’t have to worry about having my human brain impaired by poor air quality practical.

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The best in HVAC equipment

I spent my childhood years in a really harsh associated with harsh climate zones. I will spare you the details as to what the name and latitudes and longitude coordinates of my town were, but I must say there’s no colder, more intensely windy setup the known universe. Everyday starts out so cold that no human has the ability to go outside without sporting the full body-suit, mask, and goggles. Even then, the wind cuts through also, you are reduced to a shivering clutter within minutes. This is also the one place in the universe where there are real dragons still living, though I will spare you those details too. I no longer live there. When my air conditioner hums sweetly on hot summer days, I always think returning to that awful place. Furnaces were all I knew growing upward. It wasn’t until I was fifteen years old, that I first heard reference to climate control systems that actually are intended to cool the air that blows from the HVAC vents. As far as I was concerned, “HVAC system” meant the very same thing as “heater”. As it turns out though, some places require A/C! Treasure the heavens! I couldn’t believe that there was clearly actually places where you didn’t here is a heater or fireplace to be cooking away constantly. The elders of our community thought this climate control knowledge should be kept secret until an individual was no longer a infant. When the phrase “air conditioner” was whispered for me on my fifteenth birthday, I knew immediately that this climate control implement and also the need thereof was to be a part of my life immediately.

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This boss is so mean!

I’m really having major issues at my job and I’m thinking about calling it quits. I became an HVAC technician almost three years ago and got my first job as an apprentice. I mostly fix gas furnaces for customers and sometimes repair forced air HVAC systems. I really was excited when I graduated from school to become an HVAC technician, but now I’m not so sure about it at all. My boss is the problem. He is absolutely horrible to me. He makes me work insanely long days without any overtime pay. He also makes me do the worst type of work and hardest tasks during our furnace installations. I’m never doing any of the fun stuff I thought I would and I’m prohibited to talk to the clients. I rarely get a moment to sit and only get a half-hour for lunch. Meanwhile, my boss is on the phone all hours of the day and sometimes I even catch him playing games during the workday. He takes one hour lunches and frequently leaves early to pick up his kids from daycare. Of course, I can’t say anything or ask for a longer lunch because he’ll holler at me or maybe even fire me. This is not what I had in mind when I imagined my first job. I know I’m nowhere near the top of the HVAC totem poll but this is practically slavery. I would like to eventually start my own heating system and A/C repair business but I desperately need more experience before I do. I know it’s better to just tough it out for another year. That way I can continue to learn, but my position at the moment is miserable. I have no idea what I can do.

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This is quite difficult

I got myself a house last year out in a very rural area about 20 minutes from work. It was a foreclosure but not in terrible condition. I had to fix a portion of the plumbing and repair several kitchen tiles but overall I got a great deal on the place and was very excited to move in. However, one thing it didn’t have was a central heating and air conditioning system. I didn’t think much of it because most of the time the weather isn’t that bad, and I don’t even have to use the air conditioner or heating. In the summer time, I use a basic window air conditioning unit, and in the winter, I just use a compact electric space heater. The problem is, I just found out my company is looking to transfer me to a different country for at least two years, and now I have to sell my house. Talk about a pain in the neck. I have had a lot of interest so far, but as soon as people learn that it doesn’t have a good central heating and air conditioning equipment already installed, they give me the cold shoulder. Sometimes I even offer to drop the price a few thousand dollars and they still won’t budge unless I tell them it has air conditioning. I can’t understand why it’s such a selling point. It’s easy to have a new HVAC system of their choosing put in right when they move in. I don’t want to purchase an HVAC unit for this house just to be able to sell it. I would definitely lose additional money. I’m hoping someone will make a great offer soon. I have to get on a plane to my new life in three months.

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How interesting is this!

I’m a freshman in college, so, of course, I’m pretty poor. My school is in a cold, snowy place, and unfortunately the only way to warm up my apartment is with an electric heater. I had no idea how expensive it was to use an electric heater until my first energy bill came. It was over $350! I nearly fainted when I saw it. I could barely afford food, so how was I going to afford that!? I was forced to use my credit card to pay for it, but that was a quick fix to a longer problem. There were at least twelve more weeks of winter left and I needed to figure out how to stay warm. I gave it some thought and I realized I might as well put those tuition payments to good use. I packed a bag and trudged through the snow to the warmth of the University library. Their furnace is always on high, and since it’s open 24 hours they run it day and night. While I’m not planning on sleeping over, I figured if I spend a large part of my day here, it’s sure to lower the cost of my heating bills. Plus, it already has everything I would want. They have internet, plenty of chairs and sofas, and of course, tons of books. There’s even a small restaurant that serves really cheap lattes and wraps. The library heater is the ideal solution. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the students in the library at this very moment were here purely to get out of the cold. When I graduate and buy my own house, I’m definitely not going to be running an electric heater.

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What happened to the air conditioner?

It’s my job to take it easy and stay home on the fourth of July. This is because my three dogs and my cat are terrified of fireworks. The kids in my neighborhood always light those super loud fireworks all day long and my poor pets are often freaked out by them. This fourth, I made sure they were comfortable and had their favorite snacks to distract them. However, I woke up at dawn to a broken air conditioning system. It was a becoming a brutally hot day and temperatures were on the rise. I could tell my dogs were already miserable from the loud fireworks and now they were overheating without this central air conditioning, too. I called an HVAC technician only to find out their prices were nearly triple a result of the holiday. I called a lot more local HVAC companies but of course they were all closed for the holiday weekend and said I would have to wait a few days. I didn’t know the direction to go. All I knew was that it was going to be a long day without an air conditioning system. Then I had an idea. I packed a bag, ushered the dogs and cat into the car and drove up to my parent’s house. They live two hours away, but I would have driven double that to be cool again and I think my pets would have agreed! When I arrived on the scene, my dogs ran straight inside and curled up next to the air conditioning vents. It’s like they knew what they were missing all along.