It is so loud in here

One of my biggest annoyances when I’m looking to get some sleep is the sound of the air conditioner. I currently live in my first rental home and uses a little window unit air conditioner to cool my apartment. It does a fine job of cooling in my small studio apartment, but it certainly is as noisy as it can possibly be. Finally, I had to ask Mike, the property manager if he could do anything to dampen the sound that my unit makes when in use, but the maintenance technician was incapable of helping me at all. I think the sound in the A/C comes from it being so old. I have considered buying some sort of portable air conditioner window unit to use because I think it may be much more quiet. I can’t even begin to imagine how many hours of sleep I have lost over the obnoxious sounds emanating from the window unit. I’ve researched some and I might even purchase a ductless mini split air conditioner. They are mounted on a wall and they work as well as any other unit works. From what I’ve read, they are extremely quiet, and that is very important to me, especially after my experiences if late. I really don’t want to make such an investment right now, but I think that spending some money today would ultimately make me happier and healthier and since I will be in my apartment for awhile still, it probably would be best. My lease runs for another 8 months, and I’m sure I can’t even last half that long without some sort of a different cooling system. I know to do better research the next time I sign a lease and I would most definitely have an inspection before I purchase a home. I will take the time to thoroughly inspect the HVAC system to make sure that it is quiet and that it is in good shape. I have come to realize that this is something that I must deal with so that I can get better sleep.

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I’m having a great time

The very best part of country living is not having to suffer through the noise and traffic that occurs with daily city life. I lived in an extremely large city for more than five years after I graduated college and I will never try to make a life for myself in such a city size again. It seems like I was always a nervous wreck, and never did sleep very well. Even the apartment HVAC system at my unit was far too loud and it would keep me awake through the night. I literally had to depend on my landlord to guarantee the repairs were kept up on the air conditioner so it would stay in sound shape and she was definitely not the most dependable person I’ve every worked with. I am blessed now that I own my own house, located in a rural location, and I am completely thrilled about my current lack of city life. I don’t have to tackle miles of traffic, and my heating and cooling system works like a dream while I grow old in the country. This quiet HVAC unit is the type of machine that is extremely dependable. I think my quality of life is now risen significantly since I made the decision to move away from the big city. I work from home, so I rarely even have to venture out to town except for a grocery run every so often. I love being able to make a living for myself without having to become an office worker with the regular nine o’clock time every morning. Perhaps the only downfall however, and a negative to my new setup is that I live in the middle of a big treeless field. With no trees to shade the house, I have to constantly run my air conditioner leading to a pretty high utility bill.  Like us all, I hate paying this huge bill. Still, I much prefer this inconvenience over having to deal with the noise, too many people and the fast-paced, sleepless nights that come with being in a big metropolitan area.

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These fan blades are a little dirty

I think it’s kind of funny how things can alter so suddenly. You can go to work and come home and doing this stuff has happened without everyone. Things break and things change and you are not even aware until you get home. Recently I got home from work and heard an exceedingly weird noise in my property. I actually thought someone was inside my home. I had checked the complete house and so nothing. I had to attempt to follow the noise. When I filed the tone I noticed it was from the HVAC unit outside. I know nothing much about HVAC units i absolutely had to call the HVAC company near my house. I made an appointment for them to come to my house to confirm the HVAC unit. When they open the HVAC unit they saw that there seems to be a missing fan blade. The missing fan blade will need to have come loose from the rewriter and was banging on other parts within the HVAC system. So the loose fan blade was making the different Noise Within the HVAC unit. What’s the fan blade fell off the noises had stopped. Luckily I had called my HVAC company to come consider it for me because it hasn’t been easy fix. If I had tried to fix it by myself I probably would have ruined it more. I am lucky that I’ve such nice HVAC professionals that are able to come to my house in addition to help me fix my system. The fan blade should not anymore be an issue.


I love my dogs

It makes me absolutely sick when people will leave their dogs on their hot car while they visit a store. I could never imagine leaving my dog with my car while I go to a store. The weather where I live is indeed hot and to see fourteen weeks is the sitting in a hot auto saddens me. I always ensure that my dog has enough Air. At home I am make sure to accommodate him before I fit myself. I know that he’s got fur so he will need more air conditioning than I really do. So if I feel that am comfortable in the air conditioning I ensure it is a little cooler. I know that he might be a little warmer than I are normally. So that is why I make the air conditioning some cooler for him. My dog is my best companion and I could never imagine lacking to make him comfortable in my home. If you leave your canine friend in your hot car then shame you. I even tend to my dog within the winter. I know that he incorporates a fur coat but he loves to lay before the heating vent. So last winter I purchased him radiant flooring. He has been enjoying the radiant flooring a lot of. He loves to go out and play inside the snow. Then he will come right in and lay right down on to the floor. The floor is so warm for him he wants to lay on it. I will forever make sure my dog is happy. The air conditioning and heating ought to be taken into consideration for our pets in the house too.

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My doggy daycare

I’ve had a very poor history with air conditioning. It seems like every summer I’ve got challenges with my HVAC system. I often return to my house after a day of work and I’m afraid to open the doorway. I am afraid that I may feel terrible heat from in my home. I have come to the house from work on several occasions to no air conditioning at my house. Just recently, I came home and there seemed to be no air conditioning on in my house. In fact the the air was running except it was just warm air. I certainly don’t want warm air in my home in the summer season. So I was required to call my local HVAC provider. I had no idea what was wrong with my HVAC system. It feels like every time the air conditioning does not work it’s a new problem. So I don’t even bother with the idea anymore. I wouldn’t even know how to fix it. So I leave it up to my local HVAC company to send an HVAC professional to look at my system. This most recent time it was found that the refrigerant that makes air cool was leaking out of the tank. The tank must have been completely old so all the refrigerant leaked out due to a crack that was found in it. All the HVAC professional was required to do was replace the refrigerant take inside the HVAC system. After this you refill the refrigerant reservoir. After about half-an-hour I felt the air conditioning come back on in my house. I wonder when these air conditioning difficulties will finally stop for me.

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Clean air is good for your health

There was a recent news article in our paper about a local farmer turning 105 years old.  I couldn’t believe that he still said that he worked around the farm a couple of hours a day.  I guess that goes to prove that clean living makes a difference. When they ask him what the key to his longevity was he simply said that he made sure all of his life to eat healthy and to get a good night’s sleep whenever possible, and drinking two beers everyday.  I thought that part was amusing but I did pay close attention to what he said about getting a decent night’s sleep. I feel as though I haven’t had one of those in years so I started to look into ways to improve that area of my life.  I started talking to people and asking them what strategies they used and found one common denominator. Each of the people who said they slept well said if they had a great HVAC system in their house. I knew that my system was over 20 years old and didn’t work as well as it should so I contacted my HVAC dealer to see if there was a way to improve it. Upon inspection, the technician informed me that my duct work was clogged with layers of dust and debris which was significantly diminishing the quality of my air. He suggested that I schedule a hole house cleaning of my duct work and add a separate air filtration system which could improve my overall health throughout the year. At that point I was willing to do anything that would help me to get a better night’s sleep and I started to think about how many times I got up at night to blow my nose and how often I caught cold throughout the year. After realizing that all of that buildup was in my duct work it started to make sense to me. I had the ductwork cleaned and don’t expect that it will make me live to 105, but at least I will be healthier throughout the year.

air quality 

I’m so glad the air quality is clean

The air you breathe, the water you drink, and the food you eat all helps make you who you are. Clean living,  as those from the country call it, can lead to a long life without many illnesses. Take my grandfather for instance, he was raised on a farm where they grew their own food and his mom always cooked from scratch. Very seldom would they even eat at a restaurant because my grandmother insisted that they put chemicals in the food. I sometimes wish that I live such a simple life but I am an accountant who lives in a large city and I am surrounded by toxins and pollution. I live in a world where everywhere I go has a HVAC system that controls the air quality and the temperature. I tend to eat out a lot or grab some ready-made thing from the local market and I have no idea what is in my food. I try and stay as healthy as I can by eating fresh fruits and vegetables but even those aren’t always readily available where I live.  I think back to the days when I would go visit my grandparents on the farm and help in the fields during the summer, they didn’t even have an air conditioner and they had a boiler to keep their house warm in the winter time. They can sit outside in the evening and enjoy the fresh air without a care in the world.  I don’t know that I could live that way full time because I would miss having an HVAC system to keep me cool in the summer. My parents now own the farm where my grandparents used to live so I go back when I can to take a break from city life.   I just make sure she go during the spring or the fall when the temperatures are more moderate because they still don’t have air conditioning.

HVAC solutions 

Scrubbing out my home

Have you ever heard the saying you are what you eat? The air you breathe, the water you drink, and the food you eat all helps make you who you are. Country folks call it clean living, and I can’t imagine a better term for it. People who have experienced life where they grow their own food and cook from scratch have a different outlook on life than those who live in the city. They also have the luxury of simply sitting out on the porch and breathing in fresh air in the evening instead of living in climate-controlled spaces that require filters to keep the air clean.  I am one of those people who lives in the city and sometimes dream of one day moving outside to where there are wide open spaces and plenty of trees. I am surrounded by toxins and pollution and must rely on my HVAC system to provide the ventilation I need to breathe well. My building even installed separate air purification systems in each apartment just to ensure that the residents are healthy. Without  this I may be forced to take allergy medications and I could possibly become ill from germs that may be spreading throughout the building.  I would love to one day just be able to open my windows and breathe in the night air instead of the smog that rises from the streets below.  Maybe one day in the future when I retire I can do this and only have to rely on my HVAC system when it is truly hot outside or in the middle of winter when it is snowing. I may even grow a small garden myself one day just for the enjoyment of doing so.

We’re happy about the clean air

Have you ever wondered why farmers live such healthy lives? The air you breathe, water you drink, and the food you eat all help make you who you are. People who grow food and raise livestock for a living know this better than most. They tend to eat only what they raise and cook food that is healthier than those of us who purchase ready made items in the local grocery store. My grandfather was a farmer, and although he enjoyed the occasional cigar, lived to be over 90 years old. I live in the city and I am surrounded by toxins and pollution. I must rely on my HVAC system to supply the ventilation I need to have healthy air in my home. There is a factory just blocks away, and the smoke in the air is so thick that I wonder about the affects it may be having on my body. I’m being dramatic, however I undoubtedly know that my air filters make the difference between my being sick or healthy.  Did you know one of the main reasons the HVAC systems were developed wasn’t temperature control? It was the need for proper ventilation. Without a clean air, buildings would start to foster germs and spread diseases. Either that, or the chemicals produced by companies would make the employees sick. When you hear about some offices being “sick buildings” it usually means improper ventilation has caused a buildup of poor things in the air quality. As time went on, they developed HVAC systems for the home to clean the air and the byproduct of this technology was the cool comfort that we enjoy today.  At least if we must live in a city, and not on the farm, we can still enjoy clean air.

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Clean air living

The air you breathe, the water you drink, and the food you eat all helps make you who you are. Country folks call it clean living, and I can’t think of a better term for it. Living clean keeps your body clean, which gives you better health and makes you happier and more successful. And clean living doesn’t have to be boring. My grandpa smoked a cigar every day for seventy years, but was as fit as a fiddle. I myself have never smoked, I don’t like the smell, and also since I live in the city I am surrounded by toxins and pollution and rely on my powerful HVAC system to provide the ventilation I need to breathe well. There is a factory two blocks away, and the smoke in the air is so thick sometimes that without a good ventilation system I might be dead already. Okay, so I’m being dramatic, but I really do think these air filters are the difference between sickness and health. Did you know one of the driving forces behind HVAC technology isn’t temperature control, it’s proper ventilation. Without a good air supply, circulation, and especially ventilation, buildings can start to foster germs and spread diseases like influenza. When you hear about some offices being “sick buildings” it usually means improper ventilation has caused a buildup of bad things in the air quality. I do not want to be sick, I like my lungs, so I run my central A/C unit whenever I’m home. And if the temperature is nice out, then I will cut the A/C but keep the system fans running.

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