How did this happen!

 I have never been so annoyed in my entire life. Someone I thought was my good neighbor as well as someone I used to love have upset me in a way I never thought they were capable of.  

         I started dating my neighbour’s  sister a few years ago. Eventually it ended, and the two of us were not on nice terms. I spent half of my hard savings on a chain as a present for this  woman so I asked my neighbor to get the chain back from her sister, but she said no and even stopped talking to me! I do not understand what the problem is, but I needed that chain back so one night while they were out, I went into their home. I recovered the chain, along with her favorite watch for the trouble they put me through. It may not have been the best way to address the situation, but I had no idea what else to do.

         Last night when I came beach home from the club, I noticed that my home was unusually warm. When I went to check the temperature control, it was turned off as well as would not turn back on. I went down to inspect the air conditioner component as well as realized that my whole Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C plan was wrecked! Not only was the temperature control and air conditioner component ruined, but the filters and gas furnace were also totally destroyed!

         I had just bought the Heating, Ventilation and A/C plan only yesterday, and now all that money is wasted. I did not imagine that my neighbour and her sister would do this.

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I have big plans today

A few nights ago, I had the strangest dream I have ever had in my life. Probably it was that peach cobbler I ate. In my dream, I was alone in the middle of the desert; The sun was beating down on my bare skin and I could feel drops of sweat dripping from my body,every turn I made. I had no clue how I had gotten in this serious situation, but there I was. If was as though a big oil furnace was heating me up to impossible temperatures, and there was no move I could make to get out of that furnace.

          I continued to walk through the sand, trying to find signs of people, but had no luck, Occasionally, a swift, strong breeze would rush over me cooling me down for a minute, but hardly long enough. Finally I fell to the sand defeated, and watched the wind blow the peaks off of the sand dunes as I dropped into unconsciousness. This was a pretty alarming dream,and I was terrified when I woke up! I was also covered in sweat, and I sensed that it was extremely warm in my house.

          Shortly after I woke up, I felt the same cool breeze as in my dream, and I saw that it was my cooling system trying to cool the house down. It seemed like the cooling system was broken and not functioning right.. This explained the serious heat and cool breezes in my dream. Who could imagine that a faulty Heating and A/C system could inspire such scary dreams! I believe it is time to buy an new cooling system, although I do not even want to consider a new oil furnace!

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What a nice vacation

A few months back, I took a trip down south to visit a few of the major theme parks. While I was there, I stayed in a very new resort that had recently opened in the local community, and had been getting superb reviews online. I booked some sort of suite, and I must say that the resort was a great deal of fun. I ended up not going to some of the other parks just to stay at this one! First of all, they had this awesome water slide right next to their triple Olympic sized swimming pool. I must have gone down that thing 100 times, and even better, at the edge of the pool was an air conditioned swim-up bar so you could get a drink and cool off without leaving the actual pool. Down south, the summers can be especially hot, but this resort had a great deal of air conditioning going on. It seemed like they had figured out ways to bring AC to the outdoors. They had several wide open hallways and rooms which were all constantly being pumped with AC that definitely couldn’t be retained. That was really nice just going for a walk around the resort, because you would constantly walk through large clouds of cooling that had escaped from the buildings! I don’t know what they must have been paying in utility costs, but it must have cost a lot of money to power all those air conditioning units. I talked to a manager, who told me the site was actually eco-friendly, and they used a series of geothermal heat pumps to pull energy right out of the earth and used it to power the HVAC systems.

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This A/C system is so nice

Years ago, a little girl came to this country with nothing but her clothes and a small bag. That girl was my mommy, and she is what I consider the American Dream come to life. She worked hard for everything she ever had, starting in the factory working 60 hours every single week when she was merely 14. Now she is a matriarch, and has been retired for some time. She thoroughly enjoys as much family time as she can get. A few years ago, all of us siblings (seven sisters and four brothers including me) gathered our money together so we could buy her a new house together with the absolute best HVAC system available. There are several good reasons why we all decided that a high quality heating and cooling system would be paramount for her new home. When she worked in the factory for a great deal of years, the only heating was from the steam presses. In the long and cold winters, it would keep her pretty warm, but in the summers the heating would be so overwhelming that every employee had a cot close to them in case they were to pass out. Air conditioning was indeed available back then, but not for the working class. It certainly was not available in those sweat shops. She spent years sweating herself to nothing but skin and bones, and she never used her money on herself, not even for an A/C unit. She always spent the money on her kids. Well now her kids have some money, and she is going to have the coldest A/C there is that money can buy.

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I’m thankful for my HVAC equipment

The sketchy guy who gave me my dog said he was actually born and raised inside of a junkyard. Max really didn’t seem to be a junkyard dog to me, but I did want to hear the story about him. I couldn’t actually really know for sure that he was born and raised inside of a junkyard, and I was skeptical of that story. All I really knew for sure was that he seemed very hungry and sad. The guy also told me that if I didn’t take him he would be turning him loose to the streets. I couldn’t allow this to happen, so I named him Max and took him to my residence. He has been my very best bud since that time. I really think there is no way a junkyard dog could be so spoiled and require air conditioning daily. Those dogs are supposed to be especially tough, but Max is just a huge cream puff, always just sprawled out and incapacitated under the air vent all day. I’m not even sure if he does it to cool down, as I think he just enjoys the air circulation upon his fur. During the winter, he stays in the exact same spot in front of the air vent and enjoys the heating the whole day. It really doesn’t matter to him in the least whether the air is heated or cooled, as long as he’s getting air from the HVAC system, he is a thrilled dog. Once the AC broke during the night, and I woke to find that Max was sitting on the foot of my bed, staring at me. He just say there patiently and quietly until I called up an HVAC repair tech to check the system.

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Air is coming through the air ducts

You might believe the things that you actually see on the TV and movies. They will often appear to be realistic, but that is only due to trained stuntmen, constructed sets, and millions of dollars worth of special effects. Movies are always taking things to a higher level, which is why they are exciting to watch! Who wants to check out a movie about boring life, when we can have action and suspense along with situations that are larger than life. But it may also give you a very altered view of reality. Love at first start sight is cool to see in TV shows, but dangerous in reality! And although I am used to seeing grown men carrying crazy weapons through air ducts and jumping out to get involved in a fight, in reality there is no way you could manage any of that in ductwork systems. A grown man with a gun simply couldn’t fit into a normal air conditioning duct system. It’s almost impossible to even push your arm into one of these systems, and yet you observe people using them to escape prison on a TV show. Listen, I understand that TV isn’t realistic and I don’t need it to be, but can we just stop pretending that it is actually possible for a grown person to fit in a tiny A/C unit? And even if you could climb through an air vent, the weight of a man would pull it out from the wall easily! At the very least, it would make such a racket, you’d be captured if you didn’t already break the thing.

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I think I need a newer heater

It is the end of October, and the cold weather is already upon us. The nights are much colder, and the sun isn’t quite as warm during the daytime. The leaves are starting to change color and a lot of leaves have fallen. Most days I have started to wear a sweatshirt to stay comfortably warm. I know that it’s now time for them to pack away the sandals, shorts, and bathing suits. I should be get out my heavy sweaters, wool dress, and winter boots in preparation for the cold weather. I need to buy a yearly supply of rock salt for the front steps and have the snow shovel handy. I’ve already closed the many windows in the house, latched them tight, and checked for virtually any cold drafts getting inside. I’ve also scheduled the annual maintenance of my furnace with a local HVAC provider in which I am not happy about any of this. I cannot stand the winter, influx of snow, and being isolated in my house for months. Despite having my furnace cleaned and tuned by a licensed HVAC technician every year, it just doesn’t keep me sufficiently warm on those really chilly winter nights. My furnace is almost twenty years old, and it’s really starting to age. It seems to run constantly, it’s quite noisy, and this monthly energy bills are excessive. Unfortunately I cannot afford to purchase and install another type of heating system right now. If I had an unlimited budget, I would change my furnace system and replace it which has a boiler system. I’d have baseboard heating in almost all the rooms, and radiant flooring with the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms. I’m sure radiant flooring is the ultimate luxury. I love that the system is completely hidden under the floor, virtually silent, and still provides consistent heating.

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When did winter arrive

Seven years ago was the first winter that I was not prepared for; Winter showed up in the middle of September. I was not ready or prepared get rid of Fall and warmer weather. I was still enjoying warm sunny days running and jogging outside. All of the sudden, one day the temperature suddenly dropped and snow started falling from the sky. I had to start closing all of my windows and find my winter weather resources. My home nor I were prepared for snow! I couldn’t even find my snow shovel and all of my winter gear was packed away. I went to start up my furnace before I realized I hadn’t scheduled its yearly service yet. I wasn’t sure how it would perform without the HVAC maintenance because I usually hire a HVAC provider to inspect, clean, and tune my furnace. My HVAC provider usually makes sure that there are no safety concerns and that my furnace will work perfectly for the winter months. This maintenance is absolutely necessary each year and prepares my furnace to work efficiently through the long and cold winters. Because of winter’s early arrival, I hadn’t gotten to scheduling my session along with what seemed to be the entire community. I called every HVAC provider in town and could not schedule a furnace service appointment! I was looking at an appointment almost two weeks away and I knew the furnace wouldn’t last without a service. Temperatures started to drop below freezing and it continued to snow. I kept the hope that my furnace would last until the HVAC provider could get to my house for a servicing appointment. I was constantly worried the furnace would quit and that I would be left in the cold. Luckily it lasted until my maintenance appointment. The technician told me that the furnace was in great working condition only because I had been so diligent with my furnace maintenance appointments. It started running a little louder but was quickly fixed once the HVAC provider came for the service. I now know to schedule my maintenance in September to avoid disaster!

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We need to monitor our energy use

A wild storm came through that knocked out the electricity grid inside of my area. The storm was more powerful than expected, and it really caught everyone off guard. The damage this storm made was rather extensive, and changed a lot of people’s lives, since many people lost their homes. Prior to this storm, I had been trying out solar energy. I have several panels on the top of my roof, absorbing the sun’s energy and charging up the house with the electricity and helping to keep my air conditioner from overworking. I was very happy that I did not lose my roof, like many others did. There is an older couple that lives right next door to me that I was highly concerned about. An extremely large oak tree actually crashed down in their yard and it took the power lines down with it. The particular one oak tree affected the full neighborhood. Now, for those neighbors that didn’t lose their roof structure, they still didn’t have an electrical source and without electricity, they were not able to use their air conditioning units. I could not help the full town, but I certainly could get electricity to as many neighbors as I could. I felt it was especially important to get that electricity to the elderly couple next door who did not have the electricity needed to run the air conditioner. They absolutely need that cool comfort of air conditioning. I spread the electricity as best as I could in order for the storm victims to be able to use their A/C while they were waiting for the vital repairs. Instead, they were in a position to watch TV in the comfort of air conditioning while waiting for the repair crews to come through. My life-saving solar equipment helped every home around me get their air conditioning back on, no matter if they had a wall unit, a ductless HVAC system or a multi-zoned HVAC system.

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Ductless heating and air

My grandfather grew up in a cabin in a lovely valley surrounded by mountains. I remember him talking about his younger years and he even had a few pictures to show me. These pictures were associated with the old cabin where he would play for hours with his little brother Billy. He told us about one scenario of how upset Billy became when Grandpa started a fire in the fireplace on Christmas Eve. Since my grandfather had the project of keeping the fireplace going strong, he had actually been feeding the logs into the fireplace all day to prevent the house from getting cold, but once the sun went down, little Billy was afraid that Santa might get burned. The family decided to heat the property that night via the furnace, instead. Grandpa said the furnace worked well enough, so everyone was warm. Billy truly felt better, and they were able to enjoy a joyful time together with stockings hanging from the fireplace, and the furnace on a high setting. Now, it being about 50 years later, my father has informed me that the cabin isn’t only still standing, but soon will belong to our family once more. He was presented with the option to buy the cabin back from the very family that bought it from us such a long while ago. He’ll be busy fixing it up since it needs a great deal of upgrades. He plans a complete make-over, starting in the kitchen. Dad will also have an alternative ductless HVAC system in the cabin. The ductless air conditioning technology provides efficient and consistent comfort throughout the space together with an atmosphere of superior indoor air quality. The old fireplace that Grandpa would always sit by with his little brother will be connected to our lives once more.

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